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I ordered for the first time in July, one of those items was perfume. However, when I opened it, it was not the perfume I had ordered.

I sent customer service a message telling them. They did reply back apologizing and said it was an error on their part and would correct the give it 7 to 10 days. Well, needless to say it has now been 20 days and have not heard another word from them. This is poor business practice and they apparently are not interested in keeping their customers happy.

So, now I have a bill to pay, which includes perfume that I totally do not like.

Will not be ordering from this company again. I normally read the reviews before ordering from a new place, however I did not this time....what a mistake.

Product or Service Mentioned: Perfume.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.



Send it back anyhow. Tell them you wouldn't even want it for free. It's crummy.

Resolved: Beauty Boutique - "DEADLY BEAUTY BEWARE"


One day I was asked by my husband to call my credit card company & find out how much was owed, he also asked for the last 10 transactions. One of those transactions was for $24.99 for Beauty Boutique. This bothered me because I have not ordered anything from Beauty Boutique in a long time. When I asked for the number that was associated with this charge & called & asked what this was for a woman by the name of Sierra told me it was a program I signed up for in 2013. Really? Never did sign up for this, told her I wanted ALL the monies they had charged me credited back to my account & asked Sierra how much that was she gave me a different amount then Robin did when Sierra transferred me to Robin.

Today September 4, 2014 I get a letter (uploaded with this post) dated August 15, 2014 with a paper card for the Easy Living Program. I know the mail is bad but August 15, 2014 to September 4, 2014! Give me a break! This is the first time I have EVER received ANYTHING like this. I have never used this service, never signed up for this service & I don’t need these services. I have had Triple AAA for 25 years, go to Wal-mart & have my oil changed, have my own veterinarian why would I waste $24.99 a month on something I don’t use? I would not!

So I call the number on this letter & spoke to a woman named Kelly at the 1-866-601-6189. I explained to her why I was calling & that I wanted to speak to a “Supervisor”, she gave me a phone number for the “Supervisor” 1-440-425-2000. I called this number it is a fax number I did this twice. I called back again & a woman by the name of June stated she would transfer me to a “Supervisor” Guess what? I didn’t get a “Supervisor” I got a woman by the name of AMY in customer service who informed me that Laurie Johnson the signature on the letter was not available. I informed her that I wanted to speak to someone in charge from this “EASYLIVING” program that is when she connected me to a Supervisor named Veronica, I informed her why I was calling & what has happened.

It is not right for me to have to pay my bank interest for something I never signed up for never wanted & never used plus have my account charged every month.

Since each of the two employee’s had different amounts that my credit card was charged & didn’t agree with my credit card company & were not going to pay me the interest that is when I informed her I was going to post it to Rip-Off Report & Pissed Consumer websites!

My advise to anyone out there if your spouse boyfriend or whoever pays the bills check each & every month to see if you have been charged for a program like this without your permission. Lots of Credit Card Companies & banks charge you for “Card Protection” that you never signed up for & charge you every month for this protection.

You would think that an honest company would take a look at how many times you have used this service instead of just charging you for it every year. That is what an honest company would do to keep customers especially if they have never used the service. Most companies do not do this they are to busy taking money they are not authorized to take & finding other ways to make money “Illegally” & hope they don’t get caught.

Well, GE Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Bank & now the fourth new name Synchrony Bank & Pay Pal are finding out what happens when you lie steal & cheat the customers out of “Billions” of dollars “Illegally” & they continue to do this to this day. Well, Karma is a bbiittcchh & they will get there Karma back billions at a time!



File a complaint with the Better Business Burea.

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You're an ***. You know that, right?

Google this company and you will see.. your bank had NOTHING to do with this. YOU singed up for it at one point, probably as a 'free trial'...forgot about it, were irresponsible and didnt check your bank statement fr a YEAR and are now whining, "OMG my bank is an a-hole." Guess what, ***..You're the A-hole. Be responsible for your own actions.

If you forgot you singed up for something it's understandable. What's NOT understandable is ignoring your own bank statements for a year. And, yeah...we all saw how you tried to blame your SO for 'not checking'. Um, first of all..if you aren't aren't paying~ he is.

So don't get your trampy panties in a twist that HE doesn't know what YOU did, either.

Grow up. Be responsible. Own your mistakes.

not saying that this company is legit- I'm saying that YOU ARE AN *** for blaming someone else.

Really, you think your credit card company made these charges? Google the company.

Your (HIS!) credit card company won't mind losing you as a cardholder, either. Trust me.

to Sick of Whiny People #960549

WOW. Anger issues much?

Looks like karma will be knocking on your door...probably sooner than later. Just because Mama Sarge found a real man who pays her bills sure doesn't make her a tramp. I think you are jealous ....

And probably in need of a vigorous role in the hay! Stop being such a BEEEEEEEOTCH!

to Sick of Whiny People #996558

I agree with this comment 5000%.

to Sick of Whiny People Marlton, New Jersey, United States #1239802

You're an ***

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